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It was then we were referred to Rainbow Trust and introduced to Janet, who has been our Family Support Worker ever since. The rest, as they say, is history! Janet has supported us through numerous appointments and many highs and lows. We could not imagine coping without her. Her support has meant we could have time away from Arthur to discuss treatment with his Consultant or have time to reflect.

She understood our routine. Her support also meant that we were able to sit in the back of the car with him on the way to Hospital when he was worried or scared and post treatment when he felt sick.

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She also has a remarkable ability to find a parking space! We have met some amazing people and made friends we would otherwise never have known. To complete the subscription process, we'll need to verify your email address. Once you've subscribed, please confirm using the link in the email we send you. Close Search.

The Day That Changed My Life Essay

Rainbow Trust. Date published: 31 May My family have been supported by Rainbow Trust since my son was diagnosed with Leukaemia and our lives changed forever. We had no idea how we would manage everything, looking after our children and each other. Tags: family support social palliative care father's day. Share this page Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email.

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Related news articles:. Read more. As a father and a man, I thought I should have all the answers When my wife, Lucy and I, found out we were I could barely hear her through my own thoughts. My head was so congested from holding in my pain. I was afraid to open my mouth because all of the emotion would come pouring out and drown us all.

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I was physically aching. My legs were shaking, my mind was racing, my head was spinning and I was alone; more alone than I have ever been in my life. I needed to hear my husband's voice. He had to be told. I was the only one who could make that call. He knew I was at the doctor's office. We'd been here before. We worried for nothing. It was always fine. Not this time. I dialed the number through my blurry vision, I heard his jovial voice on the other end, "How's our baby? I started to speak, but it didn't sound like me.

It couldn't be me speaking those words. I opened my mouth and the words came out like a death sentence, " We had a M I could not finish the word. It was choking me.

The Day My Life Changed and How Your Life Can Change Too

I could not say it out loud because then it would be real and then my baby would be dead. The promise of our baby would be broken. Life would be different. I would be different. It would all be less. I would never get to hold my baby in my arms because my baby was gone. How do you survive a miscarriage? You don't. You are changed forever. On the day that you lose a child, you lose part of who you were and become someone new; different.

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Your destiny is changed. You will never be the same. Eventually, you learn to breathe again, you get up of the floor, you stop crying and you somehow carry on. Hey there! Got a minute? Tell us what you think of HuffPost. News U. HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes.

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