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You'll gain a strong foundation in the language, including best practices for testing, debugging, code reuse, and other development tips. This book also shows you how to use Python for applications in business, science, and the arts, using various Python tools and open source packages. Learn simple data types, and basic math and text operations Use data-wrangling techniques with Python's built-in data structures Explore Python code structure, including the use of functions Write large programs in Python, with modules and packages Dive into objects, classes, and other object-oriented features Examine storage from flat files to relational databases and NoSQL Use Python to build web clients, servers, APIs, and services Manage system tasks such as programs, processes, and threads Understand the basics of concurrency and network programming show more.

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Install Python 3. Answers to Exercises. Cheat Sheets. I mix cookbook and tutorial styles to explain new terms and ideas, but not too many at once. Real Python code is included early and often.

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Even though this is an introduction, I include some topics that might seem advanced, such as NoSQL databases and message-passing libraries. I chose these because they can solve some problems better than standard solutions. The later chapters show how Python is used in specific application areas such as the Web, databases, networks, and so on; read them in any order you like. Next are answers to the end-of-chapter exercises, and then finally, a few cheat sheets of useful things. Chapter 1 Programs are like directions for making socks or grilling potatoes.

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Python fares well when compared with other languages, but it has some imperfections. An older version of Python Python 2 is giving way to a newer one Python 3.

Introducing Python: Modern Computing In Simple Packages

If you have Python 2, install Python 3 on your computer. Use the interactive interpreter to try examples from this book yourself. You also learn the basic math and text operations. You use these as you would Legos to build much more complicated structures.

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You learn how to step through them by using iterators and comprehensions. Chapter 4 In Chapter 4, you weave the data structures of the previous chapters with code structures to compare, choose, or repeat. You see how to package code in functions and handle errors with exceptions.

Chapter 5 This chapter demonstrates how to scale out to larger code structures: modules, packages, and programs. You see where to put code and data, get data in and out, handle options, tour the Python Standard Library, and take a glance at what lies beyond. Chapter 8 Data needs to go somewhere. In this chapter, you begin with basic flat files, directories, and filesystems. You also explore how to store and retrieve with relational databases, and even some recent NoSQL data stores. In Chapter 9, you work up a real website with request parameters and templates.

Chapter 10 This is the hard-core system chapter. Chapter 11 Networking is the subject here: services, protocols, and APIs.

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Examples range from lowlevel TCP sockets, to messaging libraries and queuing systems, to cloud deployment. Chapter 12 also helps you to find and install useful third-party packages, package your own code for reuse, and learn where to get more information. Good luck. Appendix A The first appendix delves into what people are doing with Python in the arts: graphics, music, animation, and games. Appendix B Python has specific applications for business: data visualization plots, graphs, and maps , security, and regulation.

Appendix C Python has a strong presence in science: math and statistics, physical science, bioscience, and medicine.