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Governing the Provision of Insurance Value From Ecosystems

The Department of Environmental Science has defined a number of research areas which are in focus at the Department. Agro-ecological systems underway.

  1. Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services.
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  6. Venereal disease and the Lewis and Clark expedition?

Marine and Freshwater systems underway. Urban systems. Sustainable management of water, land and landscapes.

Key assumptions and objectives

Sustainable cities and infrastructures. Research areas in focus.

Staff members. For PhD students. Jones, et al. Grunewald, et al.


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Native vegetation & invertebrates: landscapescale provision of ecosystem services

Bonn, et al. Turkelboom, et al. Volk, et al.

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Schroter, et al. Pecina, et al. Colloff, et al. Albert, et al.

Main research topics

La Notte, et al. Taking stock of a decade of empirical Payments for Ecosystem Services research around the world L.

Lolf, et al. Spyra, et al. Jones, etal. The organiser of this event is using the participant registration tool aanmelder.